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About Danube Delta

The best preserved delta on the continent.

As it flows into the Black Sea, the Danube forms a delta, unanimously regarded as one of the most astounding sites in Europe.

Covering 2.681 square kilometres, the Danube Delta is one of the largest wetland reserves and the largest expanse of reed beds in the world.

Around 50% of its area is temporarily under water, 45% is permanently submerged and only 5% is the genuine dry land that never floods.  There are centuries-old fishing villages on the sandbars, completely cut off from the rest of the world.

The best preserved delta on the continent.

Points of interest and landmarks

Our tours include the most well known POI and also hidden gems of Danube Delta for people ready to explore this part of Romania.

Caraorman Forest

The oak forest in Caraorman is a nationally protected area in the Danube Delta, on the Sulina branch of the river. It is known for its centuries old oaks, its moving dunes and the wild horses that live there.

Enisala Fortress

Enisala is the only medieval genovese fortress from Dobrogea, southern Romania. It’s been built in the 13th century, with defensive role. Even when it’s in ruins, one can still admire its stone walls and towers architectonical design.


An important port, Constanta is the main Romanian city by the Black Sea and one of the largest cities of Romania.  During summer time, it is also a sea side resort.


Dobrogea or Dobruja is the territory between the Black Sea and the Danube Delta. Famous for its vineyards, it’s a hidden gem with a lot of surprises for the ones that plan to visit it.

Why visit Danube Delta

There are plenty of reasons to visit this magnificent area, but the most significant ones are:

Every meal involves fish

Every meal involves fish

If you wake up at the crack of dawn you will see the head of the family go fishing, and at lunch you will eat fresh fish out of the water, cooked in the most ingenious ways: fish borsch, skewed carp, fish meatballs, fish brine and aspic and many others.
The place is full of life

The place is full of life

The air vibrates with birds fluttering everywhere, fish glide through the water and the reed beds teem with wildlife. Difficult not to mention the carpet of white and yellow water lilies and the centuries-old trees from Letea and Caraorman forests.
A paradise for birdwatching

A paradise for birdwatching

If you are a keen ornithologist, put your name down for one of the bird-watching sessions. The best time of the year for this is in April and September. Take into account that in the Danube Delta lies Europe’s largest pelican colony.
Sulina, the city ruled by pirates

Sulina, the city ruled by pirates

Sulina is Romania’s easternmost city and the only port to the Danube and the Black Sea. It was ruled by pirates until the mid-20th century and it has the most international cemetery in Romania: sailors, pirates, princes and princesses, simple clerks and travellers all rest in peace in the Sea Cemetery.


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