Castles, palaces, churches and legends in Romania

Huge buildings that can only be imagined

It’s nice to see how Romania offers a very impressive number of fascinating sites. The striking combination of large-scale castles located in breathtaking places, palaces that show the history of the country and churches in designs that match their surroundings, sometimes makes us think that such buildings can only be seen in paintings or images from the past.

Who wants to get familiar with these sites in Romania, can have a look at  Bran Castle (by which writer Bram Stoker was inspired to write his novel Dracula), the Peles Castle, which served as the royal family summer residence, the Corvin Castle, the Rasnov Fortress, the Iasi City Palace, and the wooden churches and Painted monasteries in the regions of Maramures and Bucovina.

The stories that add color to any site

We all know how much every historical building which comes with an impressive story behind, becomes even more exciting. It is not only its appearance that is special, but the reasons for its construction and the changes that have been made to it due to various events and influences, which adds to its value. So it’s good to know that many sites in Romania have a fascinating story for anyone who comes to visit them.

By listening an accurate information in a pleasant atmosphere, every person can get to know the story of each historical building in depth, and feel how the history of the place was filled with great value. This is how the memories from visiting a castle, fortress, palace or church remains for a long time and inspire a lot of people to discover more fascinating places in Romania.


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