The fascinating medieval Romania lives on, even today

The cities that takes us back in time

Many of us sometimes dream that we can go back in time and be in ancient places, completely different from the modern spaces we live today. Wonderful Romania seems to be offering this too. In a number of cities in Romania anyone can walk around and stroll as if they were in the Middle Ages, with impressive architectural structures of its size and age.

Visitors will be impressed by cities like Brasov, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu or Sighisoara for example, that have impressive and very well preserved medieval centers, hard to find in other cities. The ancient city centers, the medieval buildings, the magnificent churches, the narrow streets, the picturesque squares and other beautiful sights can all take us back on a journey in time to centuries ago.

The great contribution of conservation works

The possibility of being deeply impressed by the centers of these ancient cities and places that seem to have stopped in time, highlights the very important point of the professional conservation work. Becoming fully aware that history is an important part of every nation’s life, and that it also plays an important role in the tourism development of the country, results in conservation works that present great results.

Certainly, both locals and tourists enjoy wandering the alleys and streets that have so many stories to tell. Therefore, whether it is one’s great desire to know the history of these cities or just a desire to come to a different place to see, eat, chat, take pictures or relax, the medieval period surrounds those who come to visit the Romanian cities.


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